“Rich keep getting richer!”

Read an interesting WSJ article on how Goldman Sachs investment bankers moonlight as VCs.

Drawing on this article, one of my key observations over the last decade has been how the present global economic system drives the “rich keep getting richer” phenomenon. It’s most likely a by-product of capitalism and free markets the way they have been created & have subsequently evolved. The beneficiaries of these systems are obviously, not incented to complain.

With the way technology is penetrating our planet, and that too in a highly disruptive way, I see even more momentum in this “rich getting richer” phenomenon in coming years. Preferential access to 1) information, 2) knowledge & 3) networks will keep catalyzing this trend. Combine this with additional leverage generated via access to capital.

Have thought about how this can be broken — IMHO, a way is to provide as much “access” to education as possible, which in turn, will better setup citizens to create access for themselves to the aforementioned 3 elements.

Would love to discuss more thoughts on how else can this “rich keep getting richer” phenomenon be constructively broken globally.

PS: views are personal

Author: Soumitra Sharma

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