Welcome Nishant Gairola to the Operators Studio team

Am super-pumped to welcome Nishant Gairola to the Operators Studio team, as a Student Associate. He is currently pursuing his MBA at IESE Business School in Barcelona, and has been a serial founder for a decade, building multiple companies from grounds-up.

Nishant will support me across core investing tracks for Operators Studio, including ramping-up deal flow, evaluating interesting investment opportunities and supporting current portfolio companies on their most pressing challenges. Nishant and I will also work together to further refine OS positioning, value proposition & differentiation in the global angel/ seed investing space, including cross-border themes. Finally, with his presence in Spain, OS will now have access to the European market, in addition to my deep US-China-India networks. I am particularly excited to explore Eastern European markets, as I have met some special engineering & founder talent from there over the last year.

Excited to be adding such high-quality young talent to the Operators Studio journey. If you are a founder, investor or any professional from the venture ecosystem looking to collaborate with Operators Studio, especially in Europe, please feel free to reach out to Nishant!

Author: Soumitra Sharma

Operator-Angel I Product Leader I US-India corridor I Believer in Power Laws I Love building & learning

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