Introducing Workomo — smart simple professional relationships management

Am excited to share the private beta launch of the product I have been building over last few months — Workomo.

Workomo is your smart & simple professional relationships management hub.

Workomo was born out of my own frustration of finding it really hard & inefficient to engage deeply & build stronger relationships with my top professional networks. During my career as a VC, startup operator and founder over the last decade, spread across US, India and China, I have been a power user of LinkedIn & Twitter to expand my network. However, while they have helped me to grow my “connections”, they have added minimal value to my effort to build truly meaningful career “relationships” that drive tangible value in my professional endeavors and help me achieve my career goals.

This is because I need a very different set of product capabilities to truly go deeper with my networks. Workomo’s product vision is specifically centered around these elements — I call them the CUDO stack:

Curate — Defining who these top relationships are, where I need to double down. Maintaining an intelligent & interactive database that makes networking “actions” like sorting, tagging, messaging, searching etc. easy.

Updates — Staying contextually updated on these people, to have a personalized view of their career approach, aspirations & needs. Likewise, also being able to share more privileged & personal updates about my career with them. This makes it easier to double-click on mutual areas of interest, proactively identify tangible collaboration opportunities & have powerful talking points during mutual interactions.

Dialogue — Being able to have a rich dialogue around specific topics or opportunities. Easily sharing privileged career updates, moments & info with a curated group of people in a clutter-free environment that doesn’t create noise for both sender & recipients. Enabling high-quality, two-way, double opt-in interactions to happen, instead of impersonal emails or noisy messaging groups.

Opportunities — Finally, if I can curate my network, stay contextually updated on them and have a meaningful, double opt-in dialogue with them, I can combine these 3 forces to drive tangible value exchange with my top career relationships. Eg. reaching out to 5 old customers for product feedback on my new startup, sharing an angel/ VC deal with a small, curated set of people, connecting a top engineer with select firms where I see a mutual fit, doing a limited & high-quality outreach while looking for a job etc.

While CUDO is the long term product vision, Workomo will initially offer a tantalizing sliver of this stack, something that delivers immediate value to early adopter users, and then closely partner with them to build it out as per their needs.

While the genesis of Workomo is aimed at solving my own pain points, am creating it for YOU — the new-age professional, working in this disruptive knowledge era. I want to equip you with tech-driven capabilities that help you move away from garnering more LinkedIn “connections” that you have never met or heard of, or more Twitter “followers” that only drive dopamine & no real job value, to having a set of deep, meaningful professional relationships that help you achieve tangible career goals.

Ultimately, Workomo’s mission is to build technology that helps professionals move away from generic, top-of-the-funnel networking, and towards creating a set of meaningful, highly engaged relationships that truly help you achieve your career goals.

Workomo is currently in private beta. If you find this intriguing enough and would like to become an early adopter, please sign up to receive a free private beta invite.

Excited to hear your initial thoughts & feedback, and looking forward to serving you in becoming an empowered professional relationship builder.

Author: Soumitra Sharma

Operator-Angel I Product Leader I US-India corridor I Believer in Power Laws I Love building & learning

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